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Where to go on vacation this summer

Spain can hardly be called a close destination — it takes longer to fly from Russia to it than to any other European country, except Portugal.

But the country has a large number of beaches and hotels, and the demand for tours to Spain has been steadily high for many years, many have even acquired real estate in this sunny and cheerful country, where some holiday takes place every day https://flytravelling.com/.

The euro exchange rate, as in the case of Italy, is a fly in the ointment, but the price level in the country is quite humane, about the same as in Italy, or even lower. In the pluses we add the warmest sea among the European Mediterranean, the atmosphere of a constant holiday and many festivals, beautiful architecture. Reasonable prices for tour packages apply only to tours around Barcelona, ​​where flights arrive from Russian cities, but it is here that a huge number of attractions are concentrated — Catalonia is very rich in them. The rest of Spain is no less interesting, but it is already beyond the scope of a budget tour, although it is possible to design a trip very inexpensively.

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